“Modern Day Turncoat!”


It is important for folks to understand that the slave trade and slavery would’ve never been as successful without the assistance Africans! This sister in the article is modern day proof of just that!

“Besides, she adds, slavery is “a choice.”

“I say that because of what Patrick Henry said: ‘Give me liberty or give me death.’ To me, if we had went back to that kind of slavery, no I couldn’t do it. Give me death.” Karen Cooper



My Shero has spoken


“I removed the flag not only in defiance of those who enslaved my ancestors in the Southern United States, but also in defiance of the oppression that continues against black people globally in 2015, including the ongoing ethnic cleansing in the Dominican Republic. I did it in solidarity with the South African students who toppled a statue of the white supremacist, colonialist Cecil Rhodes,”-Brittney Newsome ✊🏾

What about the children?


“However, Dominican officials claim Dominican-born nationals who have had their citizenship revoked are not in fact stateless if they have claims to Haitian heritage – citing the Haitian constitutional provision allowing them to apply for citizenship based on their ancestry. Officials also refute the number of it’s citizens actually affected by the policy – reporting figures far less than those noted in the international press.” 👈🏾 WTF does that mean? Since they have Haitian ancestry/heritage they can apply for citizenship in Haiti? They shouldn’t have to if they were born in DR! This is modern day ethnic cleansing, shame on you Dominican Republic!

Is the music industry guilty of perpetuating negative stereotypes in “Black America” by censuring artist?


If we take a journey through the history of Hip Hop culture and rap music we will clearly see the descend in its original message of self actualization down to the message self destruction! Is it the fault of the artist or the industry? When people are aware of self it becomes difficult to infiltrate their brains with nonsense! But what is an artist to do when the industry exec’s are offering them a one million dollar deal to talk about “bitches, hoes and drug selling” instead the social injustices they really want to express in their music? 9 times out of 10 that artist is going to take the money and change the direction of their craft. I can’t blame them especially if they see it as “a way out” of economic destitute. So how do we “chase those crazy bald heads out of our town (in my Bob Marley voice)?” We need to change the direction of our culture as a people, we need to TEACH at home first! Our message of greatness should never be suppressed. Our speaking out against racism, sexism, and social injustices should never be silenced because it “doesn’t fit the direction of the company.” Then we need to start and support our own companies! Click the link above and listen to what Angela Beasley did instead of degrading herself and becoming a slave to the industry! Just my perspective on things….

My perspective on Tony Gaskins “Real Love Tour”


Well here it is…my first post! I decided to focus on my birthday evening spent listening to a great motivational speaker that goes by the name of Tony Gaskins! His “Real Love Tour” came through Miami last night and it was PHENOMENAL! His advise was real, his stories were inspiring and his energy was transferred to everyone in the room. I highly recommend you make it your business to attend one of his seminars, follow his YouTube channel and all of his social media sites! Awesome is an understatement! #TonyGaskins