“Nina Simone” ❤️


Yesterday I had the opportunity to kick back and watch the new Nina Simone documentary “What Happened, Miss Simone” on Netflix. This documentary was wonderfully done. Nina Simone, her close family and friends narrated and that’s what made it a bit more personal in my opinion. Listening to the depth, range and power of both Nina Simone’s speaking and singing voices were captivating and mind blowing! Being able to see how active she was during the Civil Rights Movement was inspiring and refreshing. Hearing how her choice to be vocal about social injustices during her time harmed her career was heartbreaking. Her struggles with mental illness and domestic violence were surreal, yet she still managed to be a dominant presence in any room she occupied. It took a total of 10 years for this project to be completed and I promise you, it won’t disappoint! I only hope the movie about her life that comes out later this year is as accurate and entertaining. All eyes are now on Zoe Saldana…can she pull it off?


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