How Alzheimer’s Is Different in African-Americans

Here we go with the foolishness…41 brains of deceased African Americans who died from the disease were compared to 81 brains of deceased Caucasians. That playing field doesn’t seem leveled to me. Of course your findings are going to be substantially different, hence the level of care and approach will be off!


The hallmark signs of Alzheimer’s are well-established—plaques of amyloid protein and tangles of tau protein in the brain, which work to suffocate and eventually destroy neurons that are dedicated to higher level functions such as memory and reasoning.

But in a study published in the journalNeurology, researchers show that there may be important differences in the way Alzheimer’s appears in the brains of African-American and white patients. When Lisa Barnes, a neurologist at the Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center at Rush University Medical Center and her colleagues compared the brains of 41 black patients who had died of the disease to the brains of 81 white patients, they found a much more complex picture of Alzheimer’s in the brains of the African-Americans.

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These patients were more likely to have not just the familiar plaques and tangles, but also other…

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