NYC taxi driver fined $25,000 for rejecting black passenger, then picking up two white women


If you thought New York City cabbies would have changed their habits to meet competition from the likes of Uber and Lyft by now, you’d be mistaken. A city administrative judge has fined driver Baqir Raza $25,000 for refusing to pick up a black woman, DNAinfo’s James Fanelli reports.

Cynthia Jordan, a 57-year-old vice president at a financial firm, was with her two daughters outside Manhattan’s Midtown Macy’s when she tried to hail Raza’s cab. He told Jordan he was taking a break, switched on his off-duty light, and locked the doors.

He then drove up the block and picked up two white women.

“I’m always out with my young daughter trying to grab a cab,” she told DNAinfo. “There is nothing threatening about us and you should see how many people drive right past us.”

The ruling comes just a few days after the New York City Council abandoned a plan to cap the number of ride-share company drivers in…

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