Michelle Obama just revealed the secret behind marrying the next President

Getty/Dave KotinskyNot everyone wants to grow up to be President. Talk about a stressful job, right?!? No, some of us want to grow up to be the President’s spouse—a role that requires just as much (if not more) intellectual capital and charisma. Yes, the office of the First Lady is a powerful one, and not…



Mother Of Two Shot Dead After Posting Snapchat Of Boyfriend Aiming Gun At Her Head

Snapchat photos show boyfriend ‘pointing gun’ at Stephanie Hernandez’s head before she was found de… – http://t.co/y3PNxAYbJm — pops (@pops131) September 29, 2015 A mother from Arkansas was murdered by her boyfriend just hours after posting a photo on Snapchat with the suspect pointing a gun at her head. Stephanie Hernandez, 21, posted a few selfies on…


EXCLUSIVE: Sen. Cory Booker, Benjamin Crump & Marilyn Mosby Talk Black Lives, Criminal Justice At CBCF ALC 15

[Sorry. This video cannot be displayed in this feed. View your video here.] While the first days of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s (CBCF) 45th Annual Legislative Conference 2015 were chock-full of a number of panels discussing economic empowerment, diversity in technology, the future of the Voting Rights Act, and the school-to-prison pipeline, the common…


WealthyU: How To Avoid Debt While In College

Your browser does not support iframes. It is nearly impossible for college students to walk away with their two-year or four-year degrees without some sort of debt. When you compound that with the fundamental problem of credit card debt, young Americans just starting out can be buried in bills before they cross the stage to receive…


Black Women Denied Entry Into Popular London Club For Being “Too Dark” & “Too Fat”

A group of Black women are speaking out against a trendy London nightclub after they were denied entry for being “too fat” and “too dark,” The Voice reports. The women spoke to the London-based newspaper this week after their unpleasant and reportedly racist experience with the West End nightclub DSTRKT, a venue that boasts attendance by stars such…


London school accuses Muslim teen explaining eco-terrorism of being ISIS supporter

The 14-year-old Muslim boy from Texas who was arrested at school for bringing in a clock, Ahmed Mohamed, is not alone in being singled out by his school on flimsy grounds. Administrators at a London’s Central Foundation school interrogated a 14-year-old boy about ISIS after he explained the word “eco-terrorist” during a school discussion about environmentalism, the Guardian reports: […]